From Global Internet BV Based in the Netherlands

Article 1: Scope
1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers / supply contracts and agreements between us and the buyer entered, the deviations from these General Conditions are only valid and binding unless in writing or expressly agreed.
1.2 Where necessary, we point this made any applicability of any terms or conditions whatsoever of the buyer, explicitly.

Article 2: Offers, adoption
2.1 All our offers are we doing during the specified promotional period.
2.2 If we have received unconditional order for delivery, the contract is deemed to have come without any further confirmation is necessary for that.
2.3 We are entitled at any time the buyer additional security for the fulfillment of his payment demand and in anticipation of such security to suspend our performance.
2.4 If the buyer is unable finds himself on his payment obligations, as in the case of suspension of payments, bankruptcy, reorganization arrangement, receivership composition or otherwise, we are entitled to terminate the agreement without liability to pay damages.
2.5 For downloads, the customer can cancel the order and require a refund when the service is not provided at the latest 30 days after the order took place.

Article 3: Documents
For misprints or other errors in our catalogs, brochures and other printed matter, we are not liable. We are not held such statements to be false.

Article 4: Price
4.1 All prices quoted by us are inclusive of VAT.
4.2 Cost Factors, which are not influenced by us, such as wages, prices, import duties, freight charges, etc. may be passed by us, if the price changes were not foreseeable.

Article 5: Delivery
5.1 All deliveries are carried from the warehouse, or off the address where the goods can be collected by the buyer.
5.2 If the buyer requires the goods to be determined by him an address will be delivered, the transportation expense and risk of the buyer.
5.3 The delivery periods stated by us are indicative.
5.4 We will inform the buyer to the best of ability, if we know or expect that the indicated delivery time will be exceeded.
5.5 Returns can only take place after our express written permission. In the absence of such written authorization, we are entitled to refuse the return.

Article 6: Ownership
All goods delivered by us remain our property until the buyer all that he owes us, including interest and costs due under contract or delivered or to be delivered pursuant to such agreement also performed on his behalf or to be performed, to our has complied.

Article 7: Payment
All payments to us shall be made without deduction or offset, credit card or money online with one of our designated bank account to be made.

Article 8: Non-compliance
8.1 In case of force majeure, both foreseeable and unforeseeable, we are entitled to the contract entered into wholly or partially terminate, without cause will be to compensate for any damage or consequential damage.
8.2 We are also entitled to terminate the agreement wholly or partly, if circumstances have changed such that can not reasonably be demanded, that we fulfill the contract may still unchanged. Then we will not be obliged to compensate any damage.
8.3 If we are not in compliance otherwise are required by Purchaser suffered damages, this compensation can never exceed the invoice value of the relative agreement.
8.4 The alleged by us meet our obligations under the agreement, not relieve Purchaser of any of its obligations under the agreement.

Article 9: Warranty
9.1 We are only responsible for the technical soundness of the delivered goods, if it is established that all of our instructions regarding the use of the goods are strictly followed.
9.2 The warranty period for the technical use six months after the date of delivery.
9.3 If the goods are manufactured on our behalf, nor made his own license, we are not responsible for the soundness of these goods.
9.4 We limit our liability under warranty to the replacement of the defective goods or refund for defective goods into the amount charged.
9.5 In case of replacement, a new warranty for the replacement goods provided under the provisions of this article, which warranty begins on the date of delivery of substitute goods.
9.6 In case of replacement on an image carrier (such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) this is done only when we determine that the image carrier is actually found to be defective.

Article 10: Liability
If we are under these Conditions or otherwise liable to pay compensation to buyer, we will never be obliged to pay compensation which the invoice amount of the relative agreement beyond.

Article 11: Complaints
11.1 Externally visible transport damage should be performed immediately upon receipt of the goods on the receipt of the carrier to be noted.
11.2 Complaints relating to billing or visible defects in the delivered goods must be made within eight days after receipt of the invoice or the goods by letter, email or telephone us to be reported. A telephone notification must be made within two days thereafter be confirmed in writing by Buyer.
11.3 Complaints regarding non-visible defects in the delivered goods have defects immediately after they were discovered danwel reasonably could have discovered, to be reported to us, but within six months from the date of delivery of the goods, which notification must be made in the manner specified in paragraph 2.
11.4 On the expiry of the deadlines in this Article, complaints and complaints not handled by us.
11.5 We are also discharged from all liability and not bound to accept complaints about defects if the buyer is not punctual manner his obligations or if third parties, nor be obliged by buyer without prior written consent to any modification or repair the goods delivered by us have made and paid.

Article 12: Evidence administration
Absence of proof to the contrary are terzame of the contract in our records information appearing decisive.

Article 13: Applicable law and competent court
13.1 All contracts where all or part of these Conditions apply, Dutch law is applicable.
13.2 The treatment of all disputes relating to this agreement or further agreements pursuant to them, will be the exclusive place of jurisdiction in the district of Arnhem, being the district in which vendor is located, except as provided in this article. 14.

Article 14: Final clause
14.1 terms in the contract or these General Conditions which are stated in article 6:236 Civil Code, in case of an agreement with a counterparty as in that article, be considered as not written.
14.2 nullity, voidability danwel destruction of one or more of the terms in the agreement or in this agreement, affect the validity of the remaining clauses.
14.3 In the event one or more of the clauses in the agreement or the Terms shall be regarded as void danwel destroyed, is (are) they are converted into a valid stipulation that the original meaning of the clause (s) as closely as possible.